Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cute Pandas

I wanted to share this picture of the cute pandas that I saw in China.

Things Number 10

The virtual library is very convenient. I was able to download and read a book without having to leave my house.

Things Number 9

Google Docs is very similiar to MicroSoft Office. I was able to compose documents and save it on the Web.

Things Number 8

Wikis is good for sharing opinions and thoughts.

Things Number 7

Podcasting was interesting. I was able to download music that I've been looking for.

Things Number 5

Flickr was great! I was able to share pictures from my last vacation to China. I shared two pictures, one from the university I graduated from and one from my visit with the famous Chinese Pandas. I was also able to view pictures that my colleagues posted.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thing number 6

This was a very convenient tool for bookmarking different information. I decided to look for Chinese news related sites and found one that also had other foreign languages on it. There are options to access magazines, newspapers, and journals from a variety of sources.

I think this could be a useful bookmark for everyone.